Crater + Photon Commerce: Partnership Announcement


Crater and Rutter API: A Partnership to Accelerate Embedded Finance


We're thrilled to announce a partnership between Rutter API and Crater, combining Rutter's Unified API capabilities to access financial data with Crater's efficient invoicing and payment systems. This combined product offerings will allow companies to embed a more comprehensive suite of financial solutions to their platforms.

Crater offers financial infrastructure that helps companies add invoicing, payments, and lending capabilities to streamline financial management for their customers. Rutter is a Unified API for B2B financial products, helping companies add integrations to many commerce, accounting, and payment platforms.

Leveraging Rutter’s integration capabilities, Crater can seamlessly integrate with a wide range of financial systems and applications to offer their customers real–time access to detailed financial data to make informed business decisions. This partnership will also give Crater and Rutter’s customers access to a broader suite of financial products to streamline their financial operations.

As more businesses are looking to offer built-in convenience and deepen value for their customers, embedded finance will be a key differentiator. This joint product offering of embedded invoicing and billing infrastructure and integration capabilities will enable companies looking to embed new financial capabilities to access a more comprehensive suite of financial management solutions to enhance product experience for their customers.

With this partnership, both the Rutter and Crater teams are excited to play a role in helping companies unlock new product experience and revenue channels with enhanced embedded financial capabilities.

Looking to add new financial workflows to your platform? Chat with our team to explore how we can help accelerate your product roadmap.